Polyface Pork on the inside, Roam Stick on the outside!

Polyface has collaborated with Roam Stick to bring you a brand new Polyface product made with 100% Polyface Pork! The label currently says "Roam Stick" because in order for Polyface to have our own label on it, we must be purchasing thousands at a time and we are still in the soft launch stage of this product.

Roam sticks (Sold at Polyface) are 100% Polyface Pasture Raised Pork Hams. The meat is double ground, cooked and smoked with an added seasoning. They are shelf stable without refrigeration for 4-6 months. Travel friendly and individually wrapped in 1 oz sticks.

For best shelf life, keep out of direct sunlight and at moderate temperatures (above freezing and below 80 degrees).

No nitrates or nitrites, msgs or gluten in this product!

pork ham, water, sea salt, uncured bacon, no nitrates or nitrites, maple sugar, organic dextrose (made from tapioca), celery juice powder, pepper, lactic acid starter culture, beef collagen casing.

Message from Joel about this great product:

Polyface has never shipped food across the country, but we now have one item that we will: pork jerky. Did you ever wonder how people long ago could travel for weeks without restaurants and refrigeration? The answer is simple: jerky. This is dried, cured meat that is completely shelf stable. It's lightweight and packs a real nutrition punch per ounce.

Long ago people didn't carry squash and watermelons from their saddle bags. They could carry 10 pounds of jerky and literally stay well nourished for two weeks. That is why we are going to ship this anywhere in the country. It transports cheap (as opposed to fresh or frozen meats) and is great to take with you when traveling. Now you don't have to look for food; just munch on a couple of Polyface jerky sticks. The kids will love them; your micro-biome will thank you. This is just another way Polyface is trying to make it easier to partner with the right things. Thank you for trying them.

We cannot ship these outside of the United States.

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